Why Taking Summer Courses in College Is Worth It

Dylan Andre
3 min readDec 29, 2021


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I know it is winter and cold where I am from right now, but writing about this topic will certainly make me think of the summer heat and the beach. I know that a lot of people like to take the summer off particularly if you are a student, but as one that has took summer classes the past two years, I would say it is not that bad. In fact, there are some benefits to it, and here they are.

Shorter Semester

For those who dread the long months of the spring and fall semesters, summer is like a breeze when it comes to taking classes. What I mean by that is that it feels like not even two weeks and the semester is over. I do want to mention though, that it may vary on the college or university, because at my school they split the whole semester into two terms with one being called Summer I and the other Summer II. So you would have the option of taking courses in both Summer I and Summer II, or just one or the other. Both terms last a little over a month, but trust me, it feels way shorter than that.

Fulfill Requirements Faster

With taking summer classes, this will not only help you stay on track towards graduation and receiving your degree, but you can get ahead and maybe even graduate a semester or two early. Also, what I have done is that I have taken the general or basic education courses over the summer such as Math, English, Science, etc. to get those out of the way so I can then focus on my major or minor requirements for the fall and spring which I have felt is a lot easier as well. This helps so you don’t have to focus in multiple areas which can be stressful.

Less Competition to Enroll

When registering for classes, some may find it challenging to enroll in a specific class because it can fill up rather quickly or there are limited seats available. In the summer, you will not have to worry about registering right away and they don’t fill up as fast. So if you had a class in the spring that you couldn’t take because it was full, take it in the summer. It is usually a quiet time of year for most colleges or universities and most students take this time off. So I would bet on you would get that class no problem. However, I wouldn’t recommend leaving it to the last minute.

Keeps You Going

If you plan on taking the summer off, it leaves a large gap between spring and the fall. I would probably not do this if you are behind in terms of course credits or requirements and wanting to graduate on time. The summer semester usually starts within two weeks of the spring semester ending, so it is definitely something to consider to keep your mind moving with learning and studying. I know that some like to take the lengthy break, but then it could be a challenge to get back into the groove after all that time off.

So there is no doubt that I would recommend doing summer school although it may feel it is not worth it and I have even heard some professors say that. But it opens the door for opportunities to inch closer to possibly an earlier graduation.



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