Best Munchies During the Football Season

Dylan Andre
3 min readDec 28, 2021


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There is nothing better than watching some football and eating some good grub. I don’t know what it is but during the NFL season, I just want to eat nonstop. Of course as a fan, most other fans would probably agree the same way. Here are some of the best food items to crave for this football season, and maybe some ideas for fans to consider.

Soft Pretzel Bites

A perfect and quick snack for either tailgating or watching the game at home, these are great for everyone to share. They come in many different flavors and you can use a variety of dips such as mustard, cheese, or whatever floats your boat. Just having a plain soft pretzel lightly salted is fine with me.

Loaded Potato Skins

Another delicious gameday favorite and appetizer. They are called “loaded” potato skins because they consist of usually bacon, cheese, green onions and topped with sour cream. Anything with bacon in my opinion, is hard to resist. You can even also use the sour cream on the side as a dip. These may not be the healthiest option for those who are looking for more healthy options, but pretty much this list to warn you is not on the healthy side.

Chips and Dip

There are many options here to consider for the classic chips and dip. French onion dip is by far my favorite with a plain potato chip, or you can get other flavored dips and chips. Just make sure to get a chip that is sturdy enough for dipping. It can be frustrating sometimes when the chip breaks off in the dip and your left with this little piece. I would also prefer, if you want to take things up a notch is buffalo chicken dip. For those who are not a fan of spicy, this may not be your thing. For more of a healthy option, you can do a veggie tray with dip which consists of carrots, broccoli, celery, cucumbers, etc. which can taste just as great.

Traditional Bone-In Wings

Ahhh, every football fans dream to chow down while cheering on for your favorite team. There is nothing like wings and football that has been a unique combination for quite sometime. For flavors, of course, you have buffalo which seems to be a hit for gameday and is in my top three. However, I would recommend doing a variety of flavors. Garlic parmesan and lemon pepper wings are my recommendations for every fan to try if you haven’t. For those who are a true fan of spice and think buffalo is nothing, try mango habanero, your mouth will literally turn numb.

Cheeseburger Sliders

Another perfect and simple tailgating option before the game to share with fellow fans or to make and enjoy in the comfort of your home. You can even add extra toppings such as bacon, my favorite, or others such as onions, avocado, or even chili to take it to the next level. No matter what, it will make you feel more than satisfied before the big game.

Flatbread Pizzas

Another comforting food to make at home with so many options for toppings. From just a classic cheese pizza flatbread to a BBQ chicken bacon flatbread, it is a taste explosion waiting to happen. As a pizza connoisseur, this is one of my favorite styles of pizza because of the thinner consistency and how crispy the crust can get. Very simple to make and put together for game time.

Whoopie Pie

I hope you saved room for dessert football fans. I had to throw in a dessert for the sweet tooth lovers for after the game. These are a classic American dessert that are almost similar to an ice cream sandwich except with a marshmallow crème filling in the middle. They can be eaten as a piece of cake or as a sandwich, but definitely a great way to celebrate a team win.

These may be some or if not the best foods to make football fans celebrate in style. It makes you wat to enjoy the game even more.



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